Sunyata (2016)

by Rafael Roncato 

Monograph in visual poetics that appropriates the concept of emptiness to think a shooting mode by errancy, establishing relations between photography and the world.

Like the act of plunging into a sea of uncertainty, the Sunyata photobook is an experience of emptiness bumping into issues such as impermanence, interdependence, besides the flow of forms, sensations, and perceptions, where the “I” is only an artificial unity created by the mind. Sunyata (Sanskrit) is often translated as empty or, more precisely, emptiness.

Emptiness is a characteristic of the phenomena: nothing has an independent existence, an essential identity. Everything integrated into life undresses an absolute identity, and is impermanent, interrelated, and interdependent so that nothing is totally self-sufficient or detached from the whole.

All things are in a dynamic state of constant flux. What is emptiness but an infinite potency?

uploaded on November 2021